Venerable Ngaram Yeshi Dorjee

Please allow me to introduce you to Yeshi Dorje: a wisdom teacher, and a true friend for over 15 years. 


In 2007, I was extremely fortunate to be able to travel with Yeshi in India to many sacred sites.

With his generous and kind spirit, Yeshi invited me to experience his world, which was a rare and precious gift for a lay-person such as myself.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime!


With Yeshi as my personal guide, I was able to enter into the inner sanctions of many different Buddhist Temples, receive blessings from a Buddhist Rimpoche, learn meditation practices and participate in the daily chanting meditations with over 300 devoted Buddhist monks. 


It was a particularly challenging time in my life and Yeshi helped me to find compassion for myself and to remember to look for the humor in life's ups and downs. If you know Yeshi then you know how much he loves to laugh and we really had a great time. It was then that we began talking about bringing a special group of friends to India to share in this unique and precious experience. We would like to extend this personal invitation to come with Yeshi and myself to India, not as a tourist but as a Spiritual Seeker. We will be 


As a group travel facilitator, I have been able to host many spiritual retreats over the past 20 years, so Yeshi and I would like to extend this personal invitation to join us on a Spiritual Journey to Heart of the Buddha. We will be 

As a mutual friend of Yeshi's, you know that he shares his deeply profound teaching with laughter and compassion.