Gaiya -n. [guy-ah] Gaia the ancient earth Goddess.

Tribe - n. [tryb] community bound by kinship and like minded relations.

What is Giaya Tribe

We invite you to come experience the Gaiya Tribe Vibe. 

Classes, friendship, creativity!

 Gaiya Tribe strives to encourage all beings to live a more compassionate life, to share their talents & resources and to help those that are suffering due to lack of shelter, food and water. Through cooperative endeavors and the co-creation of indigenous handicrafts and art we all do our part to help make this world a safer and healthier place for all beings. 

"This we know;

The Earth does not belong to us, 

we belong to the Earth.

 This we know;

All things are connected

like the blood which unites one family,

all things are connected."

Chief Seattle